We’re on a Mission

To make after repair service as easy as buying a product online.

Our vision

Inspire the world to follow the more sustainable way to manage E-waste and in turn contribute towards favourable climatic impacts.

About Us

At E-rip, we come together to address one among the most identified concerns from the customer’s perspective; i.e., their experience of repairing the broken devices. Therefore, at E-rip, we introduce the reinvented online repair service with the most advanced & automated platforms in this industry where we promise the combination of an optimistic repair experience with a flawless service of your device without any hassle that you would more likely experience from the services else were.

Our Environment Pledge

Global consumption of electronics is increasing. Every year we create more e-waste than before.

We create too much e-waste and reuse way too little.

E-rip is here to address the concern of E-Waste by using 3R’s-


Using your gadgets for a longer period. Yes, we believe the upgrade to a new electronic item should ideally happen for necessity and not style.


We're throwing away literally tons of electronics because people don’t know how to fix them.

So what’s stopping us?

Bad repair manuals are a big factor. Every gadget is different. The harder it is to figure out the problem, the more likely someone is to give up and decide to replace the machine instead.

Yes, repair policies do exist, and at E-RIP we are here for that to make your gadget reusable by quick repair.

Repaired electronics give people access to low-cost electronics and help them access the awesome benefits of technology.

If we fix things, instead, we'd create skilled jobs and give poor communities around the world access to low-cost technology.


Fixing and reusing what we’ve already got just makes sense.

Recycling should come only after we’ve gotten every bit of use out of a product.